P/G Shift Lever, Universal, Steel, 2 Piece Lever

SKU: TCI-748400

Price: $28.95

Outlaw Shifter Handle Side Plate W/ Button, Black, Pistol Grip

SKU: TCI-618008

Price: $91.95

Shifter Cover, For TCI Outlaw Shifters, Aluminum

SKU: TCI-618002

Price: $81.95

Install Kit, Street Super/Shifter, 4 Speed

SKU: HUR-3738616

Price: $273.95

"Sidewinder" Knob, 7/16"-20

SKU: HUR-1630070

Price: $52.00

Shift Knob, Round, Plastic, Black, 7/16" x 20 Thread, Universal

SKU: HUR-1630050

Price: $98.61

White Knob, 4 spd., 7/16-20

SKU: HUR-1630022

Price: $32.00

TH400, TH700R4, Cable Bracket, Steel, Replaces 1174778

SKU: HUR-1175778

Price: $22.42

P/G Cable Bracket, Rear Cable Exit Quarter Stick

SKU: HUR-1170198

Price: $79.95

P/G Lever & Shaft, Hurst

SKU: HUR-1057000-19

Price: $27.00

Pro Bandit Shifter Mount

SKU: BM-80884

Price: $32.36

Shifter bumper

SKU: BM-80881

Price: $23.72

Shifter Trigger Rod, Long Style

SKU: BM-80837

Price: $26.08

Reverse lock-out pin

SKU: BM-80726

Price: $19.12

T-Handle Knob with Button

SKU: BM-80659

Price: $77.32

Chrome T-Handle

SKU: BM-80643

Price: $47.94

Aluminum "T" Handle

SKU: BM-80641

Price: $39.97

Barrel Nut, (Shifter Cable End & Cotter Pin)

SKU: BM-80638

Price: $12.88

Neutral Switch

SKU: BM-80629

Price: $15.55

B&M Replacement Shifter Indicator Pointer..

SKU: BM-80615

Price: $14.32

Neutral Switch, Pro Stick/Pro Bandit

SKU: BM-80609

Price: $15.06

5' Eyelet shifter Cable, Street, B&M Only

SKU: BM-80605

Price: $78.74

Quick Disconnect Cable Extension, P/G, Red

SKU: BM-80323

Price: $61.27

P/G Bracket & Lever Kit

SKU: BM-70497

Price: $83.36

P/G Pro Lever, With Barrel Nut, #2 Hole (2")

SKU: BM-70465

Price: $57.90

P/G, Transmission Cable Bracket

SKU: BM-70460

Price: $20.76

Cable Bracket, Ford C6

SKU: BM-40498

Price: $21.98

Ford AOD Bracket & Lever Kit

SKU: BM-40496

Price: $100.95

Trans Lever, C6 - C4

SKU: BM-40461

Price: $21.38