Door Car Pro Bandit P/G Cable Bracket


Door Car Pro Bandit P/G Cable Bracket

Th B&M-70469 is a specific bracket designed to attach the cable to the P/G case (stock or aftermarket case) to allow the shifter cable to enter from the rear of the transmission. This is a must for non-dragster applications, roadsters, door cars, offroad cars, anything wanting a Pro Bandit shifter (BM-80792, BM-80793, BM-81112, BM-81113)

*Used specifically for rear cable exit B&M Pro Bandit shifters.  When doing so, the shift lever on the P/G transmission will need to point in the "up" position.  Most all P/G aftermarket shift levers easily unbolts the shift plate from the shift shaft, flip over the plate from pointing down to pointing up and tighten the nut.  If it is a welded style install the B&M-70465 P/G Pro lever (included with the B&M Pro Bandit shifters).

Brand: B&M

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