Pro-Cap Cap-A-Dapt Kit, Band Clamp Style Magnetos

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Pro-Cap Cap-A-Dapt Kit, Band Clamp Style Magnetos

Pro-Cap Cap-A-Dapt kit, fits band clamp style magnetos

  • Larger diameter magneto cap can prevent chances of crossfire
  • If using a timing control to retard the timing, a Cap-A-Dapt is highly recommended because the retard affects the rotor phasing


  • MSD-7408 Pro Cap
  • Adapter ring
  • Plug wire retaining ring
  • MSD-7423 rotor
  • Rounded rotor tip
  • Billet housing
  • All required hardware

**This cap is designed to be used with MSD Pro Mags that are equipped with a Ford style cap (4"
terminal diameter) and rotor. If you have a Pro Mag 12 that has the small diameter distributor cap on
it, the unit must be sent to MSD to be modified to accept a Pro Cap.**

Brand: MSD Ignition

SKU: MSD-7455

Price: $237.95

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