6LS Ignition Controller


6LS Ignition Controller

6LS ignition controller, for carbureted or fuel injected engines

  • Fits most LS Engines
  • Can be installed on both 24x and 58x crank trigger engines
  • No PC required for basic functionality
  • Six preprogrammed timing tables for easy set-up
  • Rotary selector switch allows timing changes on the fly
  • Nitrous and boost compatible
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Fully Sealed direct plugin connectors
  • Programmable step retard
  • Launch and max rev limiters
  • Optional coolant temperature sensor input
  • Launch retard
  • Idle timing control
  • Individual cylinder timing
  • Does not control fuel
  • Compatible with all MSD, Accel and GM LS coils

Brand: MSD Ignition

SKU: MSD-60143

Price: $522.95
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