4.125" Callies Magnum LS 58X Crankshaft


4.125" Callies Magnum LS 58X Crankshaft

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4.125" Stroke, "LS" Magnum Crankshaft, 4.125" Stroke, 2.100" Journal, Wet Sump, Gen III/IV LS1, LS3, LS7 Post, 58-Tooth Reluctor, 8 Counterweight, Normally Aspirated, Boosted & Nitrous Applications.



  • Average Weight for 4.000 in. Stroke Balanced to 1750g Bob. = 47 lbs.
  • Magnums are Sold Rough Balanced to 1700g Bob.
  • Gun Drilled Mains
  • All Rod Journals Lightened
  • Dual Linear Post Keyways
  • Stroke Availability from 2.600 in. to 4.500 in.
  • Heat Treatment = Perma Case Deep Nitride

Brand: Callies


Price: $3,549.00
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