Brake Pad, Light Duty, Round


Brake Pad, Light Duty, Round

Brake pad for AirHeart 175H, Kelsey Hayes KH400, Wilwood 120-1064 calipers, round, black, organic, sold each.

Periodic check of rotor for excessive heat or run-out. Check torque on caliper
mounting bolts. Periodic check of brake pads.  As the pads wear more of the                                                                  pistons are out of the bores in the calipers which can possibly lead to the pistons
binding or not retracting. When pads are changed the entire caliper should be
thoroughly cleaned, especially the pistons before they pushed back into the

Maxima #72920 contact cleaner or a quality brake clean and a toothbrush works great.

Brand: Strange Engineering

SKU: STR-B3341

Price: $9.00

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